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Italian Image Only Records on Family Search

There are thousands - maybe 10s of thousands - of records buried on, including Italian records, which are of great interest to me. The following applies to all countries - not just Italy - but I will use my research as an example.

I have family from Francavilla Marittima and Trebisacce, Province of Cosenza, Region of Calabria. However, those records are bundled with the records of Castrovillari, Cosenza, Calabria. So, how in the world did I find them?

Here is how I found them:

  1. Login at
  2. Search > RECORDS

3. Under Research By Location, click on Europe:

4. A list of countries will pop up. Select Italy:

5. Now, here is where the magic happens. Everyone is tempted to use the results that you can find in a database...type in and get a result. However, the UNINDEXED records are where you can find records that are no where else!

Click on SHOW ALL.

Here is a direct link to all the Italy documents.

6. Here is where you start digging. I looked for the region of interest: COSENZA. I found 3 links to Cosenza records:

I select the first one (and sneak peak...this is going to be the one I need). Click BROWSE ALL IMAGES:

7. Click on COSENZA:

8. BOOM - Look at all those provinces in Cosenza! It's not just Castrovillari! I find the two I'm looking for! I click on Trebisacce next.

7. Here are the records available:

So what are these? For us, the ones bolded are available.

  • nati = births
  • pubblicazioni = publications (of banns of marriage)
  • matrimoni = marriages
  • morti = deaths
  • allegati = attachments (documents to support the marriage, see below)
  • diversi = diverse
  • memorandum = memorandum
  • cittadinanze = citizenship

I click on NATI.


Not terribly exciting. However, see that giant red arrow? Click it. It will save you an immense amount of time.

Now you can see many records! Black pages are the beginning of a year. In some years, the index will come first. Other years, at the end of the year.

Bottom line: read every record. There are 2532 in this document! Really? Yes. If you want to be sure that a record wasn't missed in the index, you have to look at every record. The Cosenza records haven't even been started for indexing, so don't wait for it to be "searchable."

Click on any page, and then you are ready to go.

Until you see that handwriting. You'll get stopped in your tracks. How does someone read these records? Fortunately, FamilySearch has plenty of resources to help:

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Italian Genealogical Word List


Find more records:

Italy Civil Registration




And with that, you should be not only very successful in your research, but busy for a long, long time to come!

We can help.

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