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Adoption, Brick Wall, DNA Genealogy, and Family Tree Building Help

Navigating the DNA companies can be daunting. If you want to find a missing relative or sort out paternity or find adoptive families, you'll want to follow this sequence:

1. Test with - they have the largest database in the world. This is known as an "autosomal" test. Autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents. Therefore, an autosomal DNA test may be taken by either a male or a female. It is the most "broad" test, the most common test, and the most reasonably priced test. 

2. After your results come in (usually 6 -8 weeks), review your ethnicity and matches. Look at share matches and trees (including unlinked trees!) of your matches. If you still want to find more matches, then download your "raw DNA" from ancestry. Instructions here.  

3. Upload your raw file to,, and

4. Again, you'll be looking at your results, focusing on shared matches and trees for each. 

5. Depending on results, you may need to take other DNA tests. Hopefully, by covering all 5 of these companies, we will find the results to get you the answer you are looking for. 

We can help.

If you are frustrated with trying to figure out your DNA results, finding adoptive family, brick walls in your family tree, or building a tree, ask for help.