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Family Finder Help operated by Dr. Jacquelyn G. Abromitis. Jacky has been involved in genealogy for over 20 years. In the past 10 years, she has taken her skills and knowledge to deep levels. She started offering her assistance to family and friends to help them solve family mysteries. She's worked with many people who were adopted to help them find their biological families. She's helped people break down brick walls in their research. She's helped many people understand their DNA results and "matches" to DNA relations.

Jacky belongs to many genealogy groups and has memberships with many sites and organizations. She is not a "professional" genealogist by certification. That is her choice. She prefers to pursue her love of genealogy on her terms rather than following scripted requirements and dues paying.

Her highest degree is a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. By nature, she is a teacher who is very skilled and gifted in technology and research. These are critical traits to be successful when conducting genealogical research.


Genealogy Consultant - Do you want to conduct your own research but need someone to review your work and guide you? Contact Jacky with the details of your project to discuss working with her on an hourly basis to help coach you in your own research. 

Family Tree Building  - A wonderful gift for you or your family, you can have a family tree constructed that will include full documentation of your ancestors' lives including, where possible, birth, marriage, death, census, immigration, and residency records. Your tree will be constructed online. You can decide if you want others to be able to view it. Your tree can also be printed out in chart or book form. 

Brick Wall Breaking - Everyone has an elusive ancestor for whom they cannot seem to find enough documentation to conclude they are the son/daughter of the previous generation. Jacky can help you make certain you've exhausted all possible research in order to either break that wall or sleep at night, knowing you have done everything you could to complete your research on that ancestor. Nothing keeps genealogists up at night more than Brick Wall Ancestors. 

DNA Results - You see the commercials on TV and online all the time now - 23 and Me, Ancestry, My Heritage, and Family Tree DNA are all battling for your gift dollars. DNA tests make for wonderful gifts! And then the test results come in. Most people say, "Hey, where's my Irish ancestry?" Others say "Where did that Italian come from?" Sometimes worlds explode and the test takers finds out a father or grandfather really wasn't theirs - or there are 1/2 siblings or aunts/uncles that weren't expected. We work with these scenarios every day. Let us help you navigate the world of DNA results and matches. 

Let's to discuss your personal situation. Consultations are free. Jacky will only work with people she feels she is a good "match" for both professionally and personally. She will not take on research she feels she cannot be of assistance with. Working with someone on their family history is very personal, and everyone has to feel they will enjoy working with one another. 
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If you are frustrated with trying to figure out your DNA results, finding adoptive family, brick walls in your family tree, or building a tree, ask for help.